Christy Mathewson Day: Original Soundtrack

by Matt Spainhour

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released August 1, 2011

All songs by Matt Spainhour
All songs Performed, Produced, Mixed by Matt Spainhour



all rights reserved
Track Name: After the Flood
they were coming in the morning
they were coming from all sides
pulling every direction
but I can't make up my mind
so I emptied out my pockets
oh, I emptied out my heart
and I sang the song you taught me
in the dark of the backyard

oh, my brother, did we make it through the storm
with a flood between us and our blood to keep us warm?

we were climbing out the windows
in the middle of the night
trying to conjure up the feelings
just to get these motions right
but you stood out on the water
screaming warnings through the red:
"if you won't carry your brother
you build a gallows from you bed"

oh my river, oh my home
run forever, would you be my kingdom come?

all the children in the basement,
drenched in fear, but you'll erase it
and your heart may be divided,
but you won't lose it if you fight it
didn't we call this home?
you know the tides will turn.
didn't we call this home?
Track Name: The Montauk Highway (Shalom Aleikem)
I could tell the tale of when you stepped out of the fog
in a borrowed coat from the girl on Staten Island.
We pronounced revealing words on the couch in the garage
and we said, "LORD, is this the end of our unravelling?"

The letters that we sent, painting pictures of ourselves
were sealed with lips that never touched each other.
I peeled my winter gloves while you pulled away your love
and sent a shot through every hemisphere I'd conquered.

If you can hear me now, honey, put off all your doubt
and all the silence you've turned into laughter.
Breathe out all your crimes, calm and trusting as the night
you were sleeping up and down the Montauk Highway.

If time won't let you go and leaves you guilty and comatose
Believe me all is healed and all has been forgiven
It won't be the same, but I don't mean that like I did
in the grass beneath your watertower eyelids.
Track Name: Open Arms, or, While He Was Still a Long Way Off
when the night comes like a blanket
covering the light that i've found
let your love hold like an anchor
let your voice be the only sound

I am tempted to hate her for the mess she left me in
and I'm wondering if forgiveness
would ask me to trust her again
take this burden, oh,
and lead me before I fall apart
your voice is ringing empty
in my hard and broken heart

oh my God
I'm coming alive, but I'm coming undone
who am I?
all of my dreams keep telling me wrong
they're telling me wrong

if i forget what open arms are for
would you run
Track Name: Hightide (You Were Right)
i'll speak for myself
i don't feel like letting go
and i'm staring at the past
like i lost myself somewhere behind

i see redemption here
still i lie awake on nights like these
when the wine just leaves me numb
and the bread can't seem to fill me up

you were right. you were right.
its cold and winter is coming in
don't lie. baby, don't lie.
because i'm tired and we've been there before

when i was a boy
my heart was strong and tied to you
now my heart is drunk
and in bed with some forbidden fruit

this silence grows in me
and i can't seem to make a sound
we were lost at sea
until someone put the anchor down

you were right. you were right.
we're alone and the tide is coming in
don't lie baby, don't lie.
because i'm tired and we've been there before

you were right. you were right.
we're alone and the tide is coming in
don't lie baby, don't lie
because i'm tired
and i just want to call you my home
Track Name: Honest (Gravity)
Answer to who we are:
I'll be honest - I don't want it, not today
And you've got yourself to blame
For all this falling down upon it
Are you ashamed?

Hang your head - there's all this gravity to blame

Thoughts only get so far,
before they look more like you wanted
Rivers will turn to rain
for all this falling down upon it
We'll stay the same

Hang you head - there's all this gravity to blame
Track Name: Factoryville!
Early in the evening,
when the children come streaming
up and down college avenue,
the sun slips into the night and
lights the sky on fire
while we're sitting down at Gins again.

And we're talking and we're drinking,
takes me back until I'm thinking
all about a hundred years ago -
when they watched Big 6
take the mound and pitch
he's bringing one home for the Giants
and one home for...

Factoryville! Factoryville!
when we come together
I'll bring the good weather
if you bring some balloons
Factoryville! Factoryville!
if I'm feeling far
I'm bringing my heart
right back home to your hills

Are your worries piling up
until you cannot get to sleep?
Have the sadness and the sorrow dragged you down?
Throw all of your troubles in the Tunkhannock Creek
and grow up your love from the ground.